Damage Prevention Learning. Redefined.

We work with thoughtful organizations to help them thrive by making highly effective, engaging learning experiences that close skill gaps by utilizing the latest technology and the best of custom and blended learning.
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VR & AR changes the rules of learning.

By adopting virtual reality training you can create a learning experience that is not only more engaging, but also much more effective than traditional, passive methods.
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With options such as cardboard headsets that utilise smartphones, VR has never been more affordable.
Highly Engaging
VR training experiences provide unparalleled knowledge retention and engagement.
3x More Effective
Studies show that VR & AR learners perform 2.5x more learning tasks, and test 2.3x better compared to passive learners.”

Custom, branded training & learning perfectly tailored to your organizations present and future needs.

Close Skill Gaps
Skill gaps can open up quickly, we develop courses to upskill or reskill large numbers of employees.
Nurture a Culture of Learning
Support and encourage the development of people. Enrol them in specific courses and monitor their progress.
Transform Your Organisation
Easily immerse a large number of people in a subject when you need to introduce a new style of working or strategy.

Attention is short. Enter the world of gaming and change the pace.

High Engagement
Gamification can enhance learner engagement and cut costs.
Better Retention
Leave a larger impression helping learners retain more knowledge.
Active Learning
Learn through doing, winning and losing, rather than passively learning.
Bespoke To You
Maximizing impact and competition will drive interest and engagement.

Video & Animation is familiar & flexible, cost-effective learning medium.

Meet the expectations of today's learners.

When used effectively Video & Animation it can be impactful and provides the required foundation on which more blended learning can succeed.
More on Video & Animation
Animation can help to easily explain the more complex issues and concepts
Tell Powerful Stories
Drive and embed behavioural change through meaningful story-telling
Thought Provoking
Immerse your learners in thought-provoking scenarios
When it comes to damage; only in the prevention, lies the cure.
Jay Stephens, CEO & CO-FOUNDER