Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Emerging Technologies in Learning.

Taking the mundane and transforming learning into highly effective, captivating and immersive experiences.
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VR Trained Students Scored
Higher than students using passive learning
VR Trained Students Completed
More learning steps than students using passive learning
Absorbing and learning new information faster than ever before is only possible due to the immersive technologies developed by our technology partners. See Meta’s case study here.

VR & AR changes the rules of learning.

By adopting virtual reality training you can create training that is not only more engaging but also much more effective than passive methods.
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Highly Engaging
Unparalleledknowledge retention and engagement.
With the availability of smartphones, VR & AR have never been more affordable.
Cost Effective
VR is the most coft-effective method of simulating any training scenario.
3x More Effective
Learners perform 3x better compared to passive learning.
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Learning without borders. Adopting the latest technology increases creativity and maximizes learning effectiveness.

Damage Prevention Training
Virtual Reality has proven to be the best solution to simulate problem scenarios due to speed and effectiveness.
Introductory Staff Training
Onboarding takes up valuable time. Streamline the process and make it deliverable as and when it's needed.
Virtual Reality On The Go
Making use of modern cell phones we can make VR even more accessible by providing with cardboard headsets.
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When it comes to damage; only in the prevention, lies the cure.
Jay Stephens, CEO & CO-FOUNDER