Custom, branded learning perfectly tailored to your organisation's needs.

Custom Learning could be the answer to the challenges your learning and development team is facing. From custom courses, to learning for thousands of employees, we’ll work with you to create the best learning solution for your budget.
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What you can achieve with Custom Learning.

We work with you to produce a Custom Learning solution to alleviate the challenges your learning and development team is facing.
Transform your learning
Close Skill Gaps
Skill gaps open up quickly. We develop courses to upskill or reskill large numbers of people, ensuring everyone is up to date with new developments.
Transform Your Organisation
Need to introduce a new style of working or strategy? With DPA you can easily immerse a large number of people in a subject.
Reward Your Learners
By keeping track of individual progress you can show thanks to enthusiastic learners.
Nurture a Culture of Learning
Support and encourage the development of people. Enrol them on specific courses and monitor their progress.
Transform your learning

Provide the knowledge that's needed, transform your organisation and close skill gaps.

In addition to traditional eLearning, we also provide more tailored learninge xperiences to better suit your needs.
Mobile & Micro Learning
Engage your learners on any device, anywhere, with digestible or focused deep-dives into core subjects.
Virtual Instructor Led Training
Virtualize the comfortable format and well-known benefits, synonymous with in-person classroom learning.
Instructor Led Training
A blended learning experience of traditional online elearning and in-person classroom learning and assessment.
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